New Beginning

Every beginning holds its own magic.

This is my third try at blogging. The first one was a WordPress blog i started in 2015.
In the end of 2016 i switched to Jekyll hosted on GitHub pages, mostly because i didnt want to pay for WordPress hosting anymore and ‘coding’ my blog seemed like a nice idea.

I also hoped that it would help me overcome my blogging-laziness - i am just not able to produce no content at a steady pace.
Ten months later i kind of give up. Blogging is not for me and i am lying to myself if i say otherwise.
I’d like it to be different because i really like to engage in communities and express my own opinions.

So why am I trying to start a blog again if it’s obviously not for me?
Because this time it is different ™ ;-)

I watched this awesome video on Personal Knowledge Mastery yesterday:

That made me think about where I am with regard to “Seek, Sense, Share” right now.
And while there is a lot of room for improvement in all of those areas, i think i have to improve the most in the “Sense”-part.
That means, making sense of all the information i gather day after day.

And that is where this new blog comes in: I will go more in the microblogging direction and use the blog as personal, filtered notebook.
The goal is to add interesting stuff i find in various sources (“Seek”) to this blog, categorize it and add my own views and opinions.
I will also be inspired by a few ideas from Harold Jache’s talk, such as the regular review of all the tweets i liked.